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May 31, 2024

GEN104: College Reading Strategies

GEN104: College Reading Strategies

 Slide 1: Title slide

  • Title of project (Be creative! Think of a fun title!)
  • Your First and Last Name
  • University of Arizona Global Campus
  • Course Code: Name of Course (i.e., GEN104: College Reading Strategies)
  • Instructor Name

Slide 2: Explain how your view of reading has changed

  • Due Date

since the beginning of this course. You can focus on the importance of reading, your confidence in your reading skills, the purpose of reading, or something else. Whatever you choose to focus on, be sure to describe how you felt about it at the beginning of class and how you feel about reading now.

  • This is a good place to include a quote or paraphrase. You need to include 1-2 quotes and/or paraphrases from the course materials in this project.

GEN104: College Reading Strategies

GEN104: College Reading Strategies

Slide 3: Describe your plan for reading in future classes.

  • Which strategy will be your “go-to” strategy? This is the strategy you will use most often for reading in your future courses.
  • Explain a situation in which you would choose to use a different strategy, other than the one you just described. What is that situation? What strategy would you use instead? Why does changing your strategy in this situation help you read more effectively?

Slide 4: Create a visual representation of your Reading Strategies Plan.

This slide is meant to be printable and placed in your study area to remind you of your chosen reading strategies. You can use this template to help you organize your plan or create your own as long as the required components are included. For your Reading Strategies Plan,

  • Consider the different environments or contexts in which you will be reading. What strategies do you need to use to be successful in that environment or context? For example, how would your strategy change if you were reading in the car waiting to pick up your child versus reading in the library? How would your reading strategy change if you were reading a popular versus a scholarly source?
  • Include at least three different reading environments or contexts on your Reading Strategies Plan. Examples of different reading environments and contexts are

type (such as scholarly or popular),

■ medium (such as on a screen or on paper),

■ length of the text,

■ format (such as informational, narrative, or academic),

familiarity with topic (background knowledge), and

■ environment (where you are reading).

GEN104: College Reading Strategies

Slide 5: Prepare an example of how your preferred reading strategies can be applied outside of the classroom (e.g., work, home, etc.).

Be specific. What might you be reading, why might you be reading it, and which specific strategy might help in that situation?

  • This is another good place to include a quote or paraphrase. Remember you need to include one to two quotes and/or paraphrases from the course materials in this project.

Slide 6: Include a screenshot (JPEG or PNG) of your “Annotate-Along” text that you completed during Live Learning.

  • You may include multiple screen shots and/or multiple slides to include the entire document.
  • If using the Word version, you may zoom out until all pages are visible for the screen shot.
  • If you printed out the document, you may use pictures of the document instead of screen shots.

Slide 7: List references used (one to two sources should be used).

*For Slides 4 and 6, you will need to include additional items: the PDF Reading Strategies Plan (or create your own) for Slide 4 and a JPEG or PNG of your “Annotate-Along” text from Live Learning for Slide 6. APA.