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October 9, 2023

Financial Statement Analysis Project

Financial Statement Analysis Project

Parent Company – Apple, Competitors- Microsoft and Google. I have chosen the companies Apple, Microsoft, and Google to analyze in the tech industry, Apple is the parent company I have decided to go on with. The other companies (Microsoft and google) you will consider your competitors to which you will be comparing your ratios and performance. Locate the latest SEC filing 10-K for each company you will be analyzing (probably December 31, 2022 or possibly in 2023 for companies, such as those in retail, that may not use a calendar fiscal year).  Conduct an internet search by investigating websites and tools that will help you perform ratio analysis on these companies. These may include analyst reports, Bloomberg, Thomson Reuters, the company’s annual report, and industry association websites, among other sources.

Financial Statement Analysis Project

Financial Statement Analysis Project. Identify the ratios and tools that you will use to perform a ratio analysis on the companies you chose. Also, evaluate their cash flows thoroughly. To Perform your analysis you must use Excel to present your ratio calculations. Note: You should apply the same ratios to each company to allow you to compare and analyze a company’s performance. Finalize ratio calculation and analysis for each company presentation with the following elements:

Create a presentation to report on your findings and conclusions. The presentation should include 8 – 10 slides (not including title and reference pages). Use Excel to compute your ratio calculations that support your PowerPoint presentation.

Your presentation should include:

  • Company background
  • Briefly present the financial position based on the SEC filings and other documents you have reviewed.
  • Summarize, compare and analyze the cash flows and ratios you computed of the parent company to the other two companies (competitors).  Analyze each company’s performance relative to each other. Financial Statement Analysis Project. Identify where the parent company out performs its competitors and areas where the company may have certain issues and where you recommend further investigation based on the underlying financial information you have gathered. Use APA referencing style.