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September 28, 2023

Field Experience – Reflective Writing

Field Experience – Reflective Writing. The website that you can use to watch videos for the field experience assignment is: https://www.edutopia.orgLinks to an external site.

Remember that you need to observe two classrooms.

Assignment 2: Field Experience observations and reflective teaching- (25 points) The purpose of the field experience assignment is to add to one’s knowledge base, enhance one’s skills of critical analysis, and decision making as related specifically to the teaching of social studies/social sciences in the elementary school. Plan to observe two elementary teachers and students in a class focusing on social studies/social sciences. Write about these observations in a reflective journal. Develop an observation checklist that will focus attention and provide the basis for collecting data in the following areas:

Use of effective teaching practice in social studies/social sciences classes;

Use of effective instructional strategies or materials with culturally diverse students, and students with other special needs (ESE) and apply ESOL/LEP standards; Use of effective instructional strategies and materials in teaching research skills; Field Experience – Reflective Writing.Use of effective observation techniques for monitoring concept and skill development in individuals and groups; and Use of effective questioning strategies to stimulate critical thinking, inquiry, problem solving and decision making in the social studies/social sciences classroom.

Field Experience – Reflective Writing

Application of K-6 Social Sciences Competencies and Skills


Social_Studies_(CI_draft)_revised_5-7-13_284786 ) in classroom instruction

After you observe the two teachers, you will write a reflective analysis and conclusion presenting one’s overall position and reaction to what was observed and how classroom practice reflects theory. In this reflective paper you are also going to compare and contrast the strategies employed by the two teachers observed. You can use these questions to guide your reflective paper: To what degree did they utilize these strategies, if at all? Field Experience – Reflective Writing. How effective were the strategies used with culturally and/or linguistically different students, ESOL/LEP, or students with other special needs (ESE)? How effective were the strategies used with students of different ability levels? Were strategies, materials, and technologies modified to accommodate individual student’s learning? If so, in what ways were the strategies modified? Support your analysis with professional literature.

Your reflective paper should include an introduction with the school(s) and teachers background information following by the summary of your observations and your analysis and conclusion. Use APA referencing style.

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