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March 20, 2024

FDY005 Effective Communication

FDY005 Effective Communication

The portfolio will include three tasks:

1.       Delivery of an effective spoken presentation

2.       Creation of a written handout

3.       Annotated bibliography

You will select a topic in consultation with your Module Tutor/Subject Liaison Tutor. The three tasks will all relate to that topic.

FDY005 Effective Communication

1. Delivery of an effective spoken presentation

You will prepare and deliver a 10-minute presentation. You will be given a feedback sheet completed by your tutor which you should include in your portfolio as evidence that the presentation has been successfully delivered. Your presentation should be underpinned by reference to relevant sources. You will be expected to support it with appropriate visual materials, typically using presentation software, which you have designed in Module FDY006 The Digital Learner.

FDY005 Effective Communication

2. Creation of a written handout

You will produce a written handout to accompany your presentation. This may include some of the materials from the presentation slides and any accompanying notes. It should be professionally presented in a format suitable for the audience.

3. Annotated bibliography

You will select five of the resources used to underpin your presentation to produce an annotated bibliography. You will explain why each text is important, useful and relevant, commenting on why you selected it, how it helps the study of the topic and how it illuminates the topic. This will be about 750 words in length. The references should comply with Harvard referencing conventions.

FDY005 Effective Communication

The notional word count for this assignment is 1500 but it should be noted that the word counts for Tasks 2 and 3 will vary depending on the handout you produce and sources you list. If your word count is significantly different from this please speak to your tutor.

Your submission should be submitted as one document containing all three tasks and a reference list that complies with Harvard referencing.