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April 5, 2024

FC334 Economics Assignment

FC334 Economics Assignment

Fashion Retail Industry in America

Assignment Description


You are required to write a report for one of the following industries in a country of your choice.

Fashion Retail Industry

Healthcare Industry

The aim of the report is to analyse your chosen industry and to demonstrate your understanding of key market forces, elasticity and market structure while making effective interpretations.

In your report, you must first decide which industry you are writing this report on, then consider the factors that influence the market forces, the interaction of supply and demand in the market and the concept of elasticity. Finally, you must identify the market structure that best fits your chosen industry and clearly justify this choice with relevant evidence.

FC334 Economics Assignment

FC334 Economics Assignment


For this assessment, you should make use of the following formative activities that you have already completed.  These activities have been designed to support this summative assessment:

Week 2-3 (the market)

Week 4 (elasticity)

Week 6-9 (market structures)

Please note:

This is an individual assessment so you should not work with any other student.

It is recommended that you follow the Written Report Layout resource document available on the VLE.

Your tutor will also ask for a draft copy of your report and provide written feedback.

Before you submit this assessment, you will have an opportunity to receive feedback from your peers (other students in the class).  Your tutor will arrange a time for you to share and discuss your progress with your classmates.  You do not have to act on their feedback, but you may find it useful to enhance your final submission.

FC334 Economics Assignment


Your report should be divided into the following 6 sections.

Section 1: Introduction (100 – 150 words)

Section 2: Demand and Supply analysis (300 – 400 words)

Section 3: Elasticity (300 – 400 words)

Section 4: Market Structure (300 – 400 words)

Section 5: Conclusion (100 – 150 words)

Section 6: Reference page

Theory and/or task resources required for the assessment:

You must conduct secondary research for this assessment finding relevant sources independently, in addition to the resources listed in your module handbook.

You should use diagrams as part of your response to the question.

The marking criteria are listed below. These are the things your tutor will be looking for when marking your report.

Your report must showcase your understanding of the theory of market and market structures studied in Themes 2-8 of the module.

FC334 Economics Assignment

Referencing style:

You should refer to a minimum of 5 relevant academic sources for your report. Please refer to the course homepage on the VLE for a list of useful resources.

Your notes or materials provided in class will not be counted as academic references. Wikipedia and economic reference websites such as economics.com will not be counted as academic references.

You must include a Harvard style reference list at the end of your report.

A full bibliography is NOT required.

Expected word count:

You are expected to write about 1500 words (-/+ 20%), following the specific structure outlined above.

Note: The word count does not include the bibliography or citations in the text

Learning Outcomes Assessed:

Explain the theory of how the market mechanism operates to determine prices and the factors that affect it.

Analyse different market structures and their impact on the decisions made by individual firms and the effect on consumers.