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August 23, 2023

Examining Abortion Perspectives

Examining Abortion Perspectives. What is the conservative argument against abortion? What is the liberal argument for allowing access to abortion? Why is personhood such an important concept in the abortion debate? Which view do you find most plausible and why?


Abortion is a highly debated and sensitive topic, with differing views across the political spectrum. In this paper, we will explore the conservative argument against abortion, the liberal argument for allowing access to abortion, and delve into the concept of personhood, which holds immense importance in the abortion debate. By examining these perspectives, we can gain a better understanding of the complexities surrounding this contentious issue.

Conservative Argument against Abortion

Conservatives often oppose abortion based on their belief in the sanctity of human life. They argue that life begins at conception and that terminating a pregnancy is equivalent to taking a human life. They advocate for protecting the rights of the unborn, emphasizing the moral and ethical responsibilities to protect vulnerable lives. Conservatives argue that alternatives to abortion, such as adoption or parenting, should be explored to preserve the potential for life and uphold traditional family values. Examining Abortion Perspectives.

Examining Abortion Perspectives

Liberal Argument for Allowing Access to Abortion

Liberals, on the other hand, support a woman’s right to choose and argue for the importance of reproductive autonomy. They emphasize that women should have control over their bodies and the ability to make decisions about their pregnancies. Liberals highlight the potential risks and consequences of restricting abortion, including the negative impact on women’s health, well-being, and socioeconomic status. They emphasize the need for safe and legal abortion services, providing women with options and the ability to exercise their reproductive rights.

The Significance of Personhood

Personhood is a central concept in the abortion debate, as it determines the moral and legal status of the fetus. Conservatives often view the fetus as a person with inherent rights, deserving protection under the law. They argue that personhood is established at conception, making any termination of pregnancy morally and ethically wrong. Liberals, on the other hand, often consider personhood as emerging at a later stage of development, such as when the fetus is viable outside the womb or when it gains certain cognitive capacities. They argue that a woman’s right to bodily autonomy takes precedence over the potential personhood of the fetus.

Plausibility and Personal Perspective

While both perspectives have valid arguments, I find the liberal view of allowing access to abortion more plausible. It is essential to respect and uphold women’s autonomy, enabling them to make decisions about their bodies and reproductive futures. Women face a myriad of complex circumstances that may necessitate considering abortion as an option, such as health risks, socioeconomic factors, or personal choices. Restricting access to safe and legal abortion services can lead to dangerous alternatives, risking women’s lives and well-being.

The concept of personhood is subjective and varies across different cultural, religious, and philosophical perspectives. Defining personhood at conception, as argued by conservatives, assumes a specific moral and religious framework that may not be universally shared. By prioritizing a woman’s right to choose, we respect the diverse circumstances and values of individuals, while also recognizing the complexities of pregnancy and reproductive decision-making.


Examining Abortion Perspectives. The conservative argument against abortion emphasizes the sanctity of human life, while the liberal argument supports a woman’s right to choose. The concept of personhood plays a crucial role in shaping these perspectives, with conservatives viewing the fetus as a person deserving legal protection from conception, and liberals considering personhood as emerging at a later stage. While both perspectives have merit, I find the liberal argument more plausible, as it prioritizes women’s autonomy and recognizes the complexities of pregnancy and reproductive decision-making. It is essential to respect individual choices while also advocating for comprehensive reproductive healthcare, education, and support systems that help reduce the need for abortion through preventive measures and improved access to contraception. Use APA referencing style.

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