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August 29, 2023

Evil as A Concern

Evil as A Concern. For this discussion board please share your thoughts on the ‘problem of evil’.  In our textbook Louise Antony’s work on “No Good Reason – Exploring the Problem of Evil” should give us a starting point to tackle this these. Your initial thread should be at least 250 words (attention on grammar, please) and should reflect on the following elements: What is the problem of evil? Why do we suffer? How might we ‘answer’ the problem of evil? (be creative in your thinking here – but please keep in mind that this is a sensitive topic and should be approached with kindness and open minded thinking).Must be 4 pgs. Use this link for the reading.  https://plato.stanford.edu/entries/evil/

Evil as A Concern

The Problem of Evil is an argument that God does not exist. The argument begins with the observation that there is evil in the world. Your task is to develop and respond to one of the objections to this argument that is discussed in B.C. Johnson’s “God and the Problem of Evil.” should do four things: Explain the problem of evil as clearly and persuasively as you can, based on Johnson’s remarks in the article. Your explanation of the argument should be in prose, rather than in the form of numbered premises and a conclusion. However, you should clearly identify what the different premises of the argument are and explain how those premises are supposed to work together to support the conclusion that God does not exist. Evil as A Concern. Develop one of the objections briefly mentioned in the Johnson article in more detail, again as clearly and persuasively as you can. You are encouraged to choose an objection that you think can be made at least initially persuasive, as developing a plausible version of the objection is one of your main goals in the paper. Present one original response to that objection in defense of the argument. Be creative! Use APA referencing style.

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