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October 3, 2023

Ethical Dilemma Presentation Assignment

Ethical Dilemma Presentation Assignment


The purpose of this assignment is to demonstrate the ability to apply the values, ethical standards, and the ethical decision-making model provided by the American Counseling Association to a case scenario. This assignment will also encourage the development of professional presentation skills.


Your will use the information written on your Ethical Vignette Paper Assignment to continue with the Ethical Decision-Making Model outlined in the Practitioners Guide for Ethical Decision Making and apply the content to the Ethical Dilemma Presentation PowerPoint template. Once complete, you will record a 10-15 min video (approximately 11-15 slides, including the title and references slides) presenting your ethical dilemma as you work through the Ethical Decision-Making Model. Follow the steps below:

Ethical Dilemma Presentation Assignment

Step 1: Review the feedback received from the instructor on the Ethical Vignette Paper Assignment and make any corrections noted. Make sure you incorporate all feedback provided.

Step 2: Once you have applied the feedback from your instructor, use the information from your corrected Ethical Vignette Paper assignment to complete steps 1-4 in the Ethical Dilemma Presentation PowerPoint template. Do not just copy and paste the content. Make sure you reduce the content into bullet points. The slide content should be minimal. Ethical Dilemma Presentation Assignment. Summarize the information and make sure the required information is addressed within steps 1-4. See the Ethical Vignette Assignment Instructions for more information. Use the Ethical Dilemma Presentation Student Example Guide for additional support.

Step 3. Continue working through the remaining steps (steps 5-7) of the Ethical Decision-Making model. Add the information listed below to the Ethical Dilemma Presentation PowerPoint template to complete the remaining slides on your document:

Potential Consequences of Each Option and Determine a Course of Action

  • This step has multiple sub steps. Briefly list the consequences for each potential course of action addressed in step 4. Answer the question, “If I take this course of action, what will be the consequences for all parties involved (the counselor, the client, others)? Ethical Dilemma Presentation Assignment.
  • Eliminate the actions that will not work based on the consequences identified. Make sure you state what actions will not work and why.
  • State which action or combination of actions you decided to take to fix the problem and explain why. Make sure you have scholarly sources that support your chosen course of action.

Evaluate Chosen Course of Action

  • Restate your chosen action and clearly state if any ethical dilemmas still exist (the answer should be no).
  • Evaluate the chosen action by applying the three tests (Justice, Publicity, and Universality). Make sure you have scholarly sources that support your position.

Implement Selected Course of Action

  • Provide a step-by-step plan for how you will implement the chosen course of action.
  • This may include information not stated in previous steps to effectively implement the plan (for example, calling the client is a step needed to implement informing a client of a mistake).

Ethical Dilemma Presentation Assignment. Your final presentation document must include:

  • Approximately 11-15 slides, including the title and references slides.
  • The following 7-8 references are required and must be cited verbally, intext, and included on the reference slides:
    • The 2014 ACA Code of Ethics, your State Ethical Codes/Mental Health Laws, the two course textbooks, and the Practitioner’s Guide for Ethical Decision Making.
    • 2-3 additional scholarly sources (scholarly journal articles published within the last 5 years) related to the identified problem and moral principle specific to the counseling profession. Materials must be outside of course materials, and materials from other classes.

Step 4. Save your Microsoft PowerPoint Presentation file under your name and assignment title (Example: Doe_J_Ethical Dilemma_Presentation).

Step 5: Record a 10-15-minute video presentation applying the Ethical Decision-Making Model to the chosen case scenario. You may record the video on any device where screen sharing is allowed. The instructor must see you and the slide presentation in the video.

Step 6: Once the video is recorded, upload the video to Kaltura. Make sure the video is marked unlisted and save it. Grab the share link.

Step 7. Paste the video link on slide 2 of your PowerPoint presentation and save it again.

Step 8: Submit the PowerPoint presentation file via the assignment submission link in Canvas.

Note: Your assignment will be checked for originality via the Turnitin plagiarism tool. Use APA referencing style.