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April 7, 2024

ESOL 200 Final Report

ESOL 200 Final Report


The purpose of the Final Report is to analyze a specific complex social problem (a bias or other form of discrimination) and its connection to the workplace using a systems thinking approach. The purpose of the report is not to solve the problem.

ESOL 200 Final Report


How you design and structure your report is up to you – it depends on the topic you have chosen and the information you have. However, the report should be organized into clear, logical sections, with a clear heading for each section. The report will include a synthesis of the work you have completed in the CP tasks from Weeks 8-11 and additional research. All of the information in the report that comes from research must be fully paraphrased, cited in text and as a reference at the end of the report.

Submission Guidelines:

The Final Report must be submitted by the deadline using the Assignment Tool below. The SafeAssign tool will check your report for evidence of plagiarism, so be sure to check the SafeAssign report before you submit your final copy of the report. You will have three attempts to submit your report. Only the final attempt will be graded.

ESOL 200 Final Report

 Report Instructions

The report should be approximately 1000 words in length and include the following components (much of this will come from the Coursework Portfolio tasks you have already completed). Remember, the report does not have to be organized in the order of the components listed below. Your task is to logically synthesize the information you have on the topic:

  1. A title page and table of contents.
  2. An introduction which outlines the rationale for the topic you have chosen for the project (to analyze a specific complex social problem and its connection to the workplace). Your rationale should include both personal anecdotal evidence and additional research which demonstrates the existence and significance of the problem. (CP Task 8.1).

ESOL 200 Final Report

  1. An in-depth discussion on how systems thinking can help to analyze the specific problem you have chosen from an interconnected, holistic point of view. Your discussion here should address all the key components of systems thinking that you gathered in completing CP Task 9.1.
  1. A discussion on the stakeholders involved in the problem and their roles and how they play a part in the systems that are involved in the problem you have chosen. This should also include research. (CP Task 10.1)
  1. A discussion on how the iceberg model can help us look at all the different levels involved in the problem (events, patterns, underlying structures, mental models). This should include an iceberg model diagram and a few paragraphs explaining it. (CP Task 11.1)
  1. An overall discussion on how the project has helped you analyze your specific problem in a way that can lead to the construction of possible solutions.
  1. A list of APA references.