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March 18, 2024

ENTE3522 Creative Leadership Perspectives

ENTE3522 Creative Leadership Perspectives

This individual assignment will ask you to frame and structure a short critical paper of 2000 words around the focused research question of your choice in leadership. While we provide some suggestions on specific research questions below, you don’t have to limit your choices with those.

ENTE3522 Creative Leadership Perspectives

Assessment Information

Essay Topics:

  1. Critically appraise the difference between situational leadership versus traits approach or skills and style approaches to leadership, providing examples of strengths and weaknesses of each approach using at least one example to embellish your answer
  2. Discuss how leaders can facilitate and promote creativity and innovation in individuals, teams or organizations. Use appropriate theory and examples to support your answer.
  3. Critically discuss how specific leadership contexts, such as leadership in the context of health care, religious organizations, business, third-sector, etc., might shape the leadership practices, processes or models using at least one exemplary case to support your arguments.
  4. Critically discuss how diversity markers such as gender, ethnicity/race, religion, sexuality so on affect leadership. Please concentrate on one of these diversity markers and critically discuss how particular diversity/identity markers shape some leadership aspects. For example, you can ask a question like: “To be a female leader, do you have to emulate masculine leadership?” Please use appropriate examples to support your answer.

ENTE3522 Creative Leadership Perspectives

Assessment Details

Title: Find a brief and catchy title that will reflect the main message and context of your reflective essay


Start with briefly introducing what we will be reading in this essay by addressing questions like:

What is the purpose of the study?

What is the research question(s) posed to address this research problem?

Why is it important to read/study that?

What theoretical frameworks or tools are used; why are these selected?

What will be the intended contribution(s)?

ENTE3522 Creative Leadership Perspectives


If your inquiry tackles a particular context, please introduce the context, including the main actors in that field, business (organizational) and industry context, any other specific aspects characterizing this context. If not, you can skip that part.

Theoretical Framework and Analysis:

Describe the major theme or essential question(s) you focused on, specifically address how you will approach and address the research problem at hand. For that;

Introduce the reader a particular theoretical framework(s) that you will use in inquiring into your research problem. Instead of covering many different theoretical frameworks, please pick one or max two theories and work through the concepts within this framework.

Let us know/justify why you picked up this theoretical framework and how you expect/think this theoretical approach and perspective(s) help(ed) you address the specific research problem you are aiming to address. Also, how they are used to solve some other research issues.

Bring forward different theoretical discussions and perspectives about your research topic and question. Elaborate on these perspectives to build up your theoretical argument or side. Of course, you will need to make a clear case out of these discussions.

ENTE3522 Creative Leadership Perspectives

Discussions and Conclusions:

  • Let us recall the purpose of this essay and what you have found after examining your case(s).
  • Provide clear lines of critical discussion related to each research question(s) posed in the beginning.

Whether/how your theoretical framework(s) were helpful, please be very specific here how/in what ways this particular theory helped you or failed to help you. For instance, what questions you could ask/get a response to or what issues you could or not address with the help of this theory.

Discuss if/whether this theory applies to similar cases, models, contexts or aspects of leadership like yours. Why or why not? Here you can get the help of discussions we held in the classroom or read additional articles on the strengths and criticisms towards particular approaches you adopted.

Please return to the overall theory or perspective and critically reflect upon its explanatory capacity by referring to your particular case and context. Make generalization(s) and abstractions here. Try to be bold (but also informed)! Finally, please address what future research can learn from the central question. Use APA referencing style.