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October 2, 2023

English Essay Assignment

English Essay Assignment

Essay option 1. Moral Frameworks

This essay is your chance to demonstrate your understanding of three moral frameworks, Kant’s Formula of Ends, Mill’s Utilitarianism, and Care Ethics, their nuances, and how to apply them to a challenging situation.

This means: in your own words, explain these moral frameworks. Then, for each one, answer the following questions:

  • According to each moral framework, what is the morally right thing for Dax’s medical team to do?
  • According to each moral framework, what is the morally right thing for Dax to do?

(The answers might the same, or they might be different, depending on the moral framework) For the Principle of Utility, be sure to take into consideration overall total suffering, and remember that the treatment caused Dax to suffer enough that he was willing to give up the rest of his life to make it stop. English Essay Assignment. He suffered this much everyday. For 10 months. (Cowart & Burt 1998) Cite all sources. Reference at least one reading from our Reading Schedule. Reference: Cowart, D., & Burt, R. (1998). Confronting death: who chooses, who controls? Hastings Center Report28(1), 14-24.

English Essay Assignment

Essay option 2. Social and Medical Models of Disability

This essay is your opportunity to demonstrate what you understand about the Social and Medical Models of Disability, and how each would approach a situation differently.

Pick one situation:

  • Cosmetic surgery
  • Chronic pain 
  • ADHD and the school system
  • Neighborhoods that are only stair accessible, no ramps
  • Your own idea (Must be approved in advance. Send you proposal to the instructor)

For the situation you picked, answer all of the following prompts:

1.First, briefly explain what the Social Model of Disability is.

2.Explain the Medical Model of Disability and how it differs from the Social Model.

3.Explain what kinds of solutions a Social Model of Disability would lead to, and why in the situation you chose.

4.How are these solutions different from those that a Medical Model would lead to?

5.Which of these approaches to these four problems (Social Model approach or Medical Model approach) are most in-line with the Principle of Nonmaleficence? (Be sure to define the Principle of Nonmaleficence). English Essay Assignment.

6.Cite all sources.

7.Reference at least one reading from our course reading schedule.

Possible resources:

[1] Why Breast Implant Surgery is not ‘For You’” by BR Admin, Beauty Redefined 2-18-2014 https://www.morethanabody.org/why-breast-implants-are-not-for-you/ 

[2] Price, M. (2011). Ways to Move: Presence, Participation, and Resistance in Kairotic Space Mad at School: Rhetorics of Mental Disability and Academic Life, 58-102. (In Files)

[3] Wendell, S. (2001). Unhealthy disabled: Treating chronic illnesses as disabilities ( https://onlinelibrary.wiley.com/doi/pdf/10.1111/j.1527-2001.2001.tb00751.x?casa_token=z3eB1-otXogAAAAA:6PYAGpP9pyhWc9fgdwxM8NZQMWRumBgKMOsJHZv5w_kUecGeYv3z6klna-bs8VaCxshQlMkaanAtlmP- )  Hypatia16(4), 17-33.  (in Files)

Use APA referencing style.