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April 29, 2024

English Composition Final Exam

English Composition Final Exam

 What is the ‘tone’  or ‘pathos’ for this writing sample below? In other words, explain what kind of emotion the writer tries to show? How do you know this?

What is the strongest thesis statement for an essay about prison reform?

If you were writing an essay talking about the need for prison reform, what kind of logical evidence (claims, or logos) would you add to your essay? Describe at least two types of evidence you would try to include and why?  Write one paragraph.

What is an example of ethos in rhetorical analysis?

Read the passage below and briefly analyze it in a paragraph. Discuss ethos, pathos, logos, tone, use of language, etc. (at least two of these):

English Composition Final Exam

English Composition Final Exam

Excerpt from The Year of the Hobby by Jackie Ehrens

Was 2020 a fever dream? Sometimes, I’m not sure. Like millions of others around the country (well, the world, to be accurate), my job as a news editor went remote, and I barely left my home for months. The entire first part of the year was a whirlwind of baking bread, doing Youtube yoga and teaching myself to play the guitar. These are all things I was not interested in doing pre-2020 and immediately lost all interest in doing post-2020.  Technically, I was low-key terrified that someone I knew would lie victim to Covid, but putting that aside, is it controversial to say 2020 was actually, um, fun?

English Composition Final Exam

I know, I know. People were dying. People were raging in protest. People were losing family members not just from a deadly virus but from a divisive election. All of these things are, objectively, serious and distressing.

Nonetheless, putting all that aside, I liked the weird, hobby-crazed person I was becoming. I think many of us did. The fact that we had time and energy to bake bread, even if it’s not something we really cared about, was refreshing. We all made self-deprecating jokes about wearing the same sweatpants and t-shirts to work every day, but it felt nice that we were were all in on the joke. It was this moment in time unlike any other moment in time that was somehow made less scary and more pleasantly surreal just by the fact that we were all experiencing these same things together.


What is a counterargument?

Identify the refutation in this counterargument below:

English Composition Final Exam

Opponents of free college education often state that taxpayers would be burdened with the costs. They claim that it’s not fair that people who may not even be attending college would have to help pay for it. Indeed, it’s true that free services often do require higher taxes. However, a country’s investment in education is worthwhile for everybody. In the long-term, our economy and social welfare is improved when more people are educated.

Complete the counterargument paragraph by adding your own ideas for a refutation. Write at least four sentences. Be careful to stay on topic.

Some people argue that college students who take online classes do not receive a high quality education. It’s true that some online students don’t feel motivated enough to do well when they are not physically around their teacher and classmates. However, _______ (add your refutation). APA.