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February 29, 2024

English 102 Annotated Bibliography

English 102 Annotated Bibliography

For writing Project #2, your job is to choose an issue in which there is significant disagreement among experts and create an MLA works cited page with annotations based on that research. This can be based on a topic related your major or not.  The decision is up to you. You must have no less than fifteen (15) works cited entries in all; more is probably better.  Writing Project #2 should total no less than 1000 words in total, including annotations.

Writing Project #2 will directly lead into Writing Project #3.  Whatever controversy you discover and research in Project #2 will be the same controversy you propose a solution for in Project #3  The Formal Proposal.  With that in mind, make sure to choose a topic you like and are genuinely interested in.*

Examples of controversies in majors might include:  the role of A.I. in society (Computer Science), the bioethics of cloning (Medical Science), the dangers of algorithm use on stock exchanges (business).

English 102 Annotated Bibliography

English 102 Annotated Bibliography

To complete this assignment:

1.                  First, practice finding an academic article using the library database.  Find an academic article related to a topic that interests you and create an MLA works cited citation for it.  This is the Project 2 rough draft.

2.                   Cite your article and complete an annotation for it.

3.                  Write a proposal for your annotated bibliography of no less than 300 words detailing the controversy you chose.

4.          Alternate between reading research and writing entries for your annotated bibliography.  Use only academic sources.  They can be print books, electronic journal articles, YouTube lectures, etc.  Have no less than 1000 words in no less than fifteen entries.  This averages to about sixty words per entry.  Entries directly relevant to your subject matter will be a bit more.  There should be fifteen (15) entries in total, including annotations for each one.

5.           Present on your research in small groups or to the whole class.