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August 29, 2023

Enchanted Ethical Scenario

Enchanted Ethical Scenario. Directions: Choose two of the five ethical scenarios. You will need to answer the four questions about each scenario as a Marriage and Family Therapist or a Licensed Professional Counselor (depending on your enrollment).  Format your paper using APA (7th edition). What was the dilemma or issue in the scenario? Which counseling or marriage and family ethical code(s) can be applied to this scenario? Using the guidance of the codes, what should have been done differently by the Marriage and Family Therapist or Licensed Professional Counselor? Discuss how guidance from the ETHICS decision making model could/would be beneficial in guiding the counselor/therapist in making the best decision for the client welfare.

Enchanted Ethical Scenario A

Twelve-year-old Rapunzel has beautiful blonde hair and lives in a tower outside of town. Rapunzel’s protective mother does not allow Rapunzel to leave the tower. One day, a fifteen-year-old prince was strolling down the road and heard Rapunzel singing a beautiful song. He noticed her mother approaching and quickly hid in the bushes. He heard Rapunzel’s mother request to let down her hair. After her mother leaves, he requests that she let down her hair. Flattered and starving for any attention, she lets down her hair and they hit it off. After secretly spending a good amount of time together, Rapunzel has sex with the prince and becomes pregnant. Too scared to tell her mother, she seeks out the help of a virtual therapist/counselor. During the counseling session, the counselor/therapist does not secure permission from Rapunzel’s parent/guardian or make any contact with the parent/guardian after the counseling session.

Enchanted Ethical Scenario

Enchanted Ethical Scenario B

The seven dwarves attend weekly group counseling sessions to work on their relationships with others. During group, Grumpy discloses that he is having thoughts about ending his life. Later that day, Doc and Sneezy are talking about what Grumpy said earlier during group. Snow White (their guardian) overhears the conversation. She contacts the counselor/therapist/ and asks if he or she was aware of Grumpy’s suicidal ideation and if so, why she wasn’t contacted. Additionally, she was also not made aware that her dwarves were in group counseling.

Enchanted Ethical Scenario C

Cinderella and Prince Charming are getting a divorce. Concerned about her twin’s emotional state, Cinderella starts to seek assistance from a counselor/family therapist.. They tell the counselor/therapist that they prefer living with their father because their mother is always late picking them up from school, does not pay attention to them, and spends money on clothes and shoes instead of groceries and clothing for the twins. The counselor/therapist carefully remains impartial and listens to their concerns but does not take notes. Cinderella finds out that the girls have been telling her secrets about their mother’s shopping habits and neglect. She then hires an attorney, The Big Bad Wolf who threatens the counselor/therapist to hand over her records or she is going to jail.

Enchanted Ethical Scenario D

Little Red Riding Hood disclosed to the good counselor/therapist that she has been meeting up with a boy named Wolfie online. She plans to meet up with him at her grandmother’s house to “hook up” but Little Red is unsure if that is a good idea as Wolfie seems to be a “bad” boy and she is a little anxious about it. Little Red is eleven years old and Wolfie claims to be thirteen- years old.

Enchanted Ethical Scenario E

Arial, the little mermaid wants more than anything to have legs and to be human. She goes to see the counselor/family therapist. Ursela (aka- The Sea Witch). Ursela listens to the Little Mermaid and instructs her to come to her home after hours where she sells her a potion so that she can be human, against her father’s wishes. Use APA referencing style.

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