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April 11, 2024

Effects of Children – Marriage

Effects of Children – Marriage

Please be very keen while handling this paper, because client says it carries a lot of marks. Make sure you read the DISCUSSION HANDOUT first. Some screenshots from the discussion handout have been attached. Make sure you check them. The class slides to be used and the textbook for background search have also been attached. Make sure you use these materials while doing the paper. Please DO NOT USE ChatGpt or any AI tools

Effects of Children - Marriage

How can a marriage survive children?  Review what the book or other academic sources have to say about the effects of children on marriage.  Interview at least two parents who have raised children [not the same children] who are now adults and ask them about the benefits and challenges having children raised in their marriage (obviously, they must have been married for a significant portion of raising that child to work for this assignment- sorry no single mothers or early divorces).

Effects of Children – Marriage

Structural Recommendations: 

Introduction: Introduce the overall topic of the essay, Define basic terms in the essay prompt/your paper as needed. Then include the specific topics you will be discussing in each supporting paragraph (1 topic/paragraph), in order.     Support: Build at least 3 paragraphs around 1 subtopic each.  Introduce each support pp with book/factual material, then apply the material to your personal research data (interview/observation/etc.).  Conclusion: Include the book topics/subtopics you discussed, in order, and give an overall conclusion relevant to the topic of the essay.

Subtopics may include: Deciding to have Children,  Socioeconomics of Having Children, Ability to do various things (travel, etc), DayCare/Schooling related issues, Children’s temperament Styles, Mental Disorders in Children (depression, AdHd, etc), Intimacy Vs Isolation (Erikson), Generativity Vs Stagnation (Erikson), Support from Children (such as contributing financially, translation, care of other children etc), Effects of Parent’s Jobs, Changes in Personality after having children, Changes in Type of Household after having children (often movement to more traditional roles), Sexuality (parents’ and/or kids), Raising Biracial Children, Effects of Children’s Gender, Effects depending on age of the child, etc.

Effects of Children – Marriage

Structural Recommendations (replies): 

Topic sentence: what is the new topic you will be discussing (hint: this should be what your new factual citation is about).  Then, how is this connected to the specific post you are replying to.  Then, new citation from book/factual source on this topic. Then, new application of this topic (new examples from your life, or media, or reinterpretations of the personal research material from the post you are replying to). APA.