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December 7, 2023

Education Cookery Project

Education Cookery Project

Menu 1 – Plan an à la carte menu.

Your menu must contain at least 3 choices each for:

Main Courses
+ 1 each, a vegetarian entrée and a vegetarian option for a main course

The dishes must provide a balanced variety on offer and within the courses offered including the following.

cooking methods
nutritional values
seasonally available ingredients

Education Cookery Project

The dishes you plan for the menu must fit the customer profile you have described in Part A and meet a price level that matches what you have currently on offer in the establishment.

Draft ideas for each of the dishes listed in A., present these to your trainer and obtain feedback. Document what the feedback entailed and what you will change, accordingly. Attach this draft and comments to this assessment marked “Menu 1.”

Establish standard recipe cards for each dish, listing the ingredients and required quantities.

Produce an equipment list which covers the equipment requirements for producing each menu item. Identify which equipment you have available in your workplace. This must include sufficient numbers to ensure the menu items can be produced in a time efficient manner in terms of mise end place and during service across all relevant sections of the kitchen.

Where equipment for menu dishes is not available you are required to provide adjustments to your menu draft and recipes.

Identify the staffing requirements to produce and manage this menu and the menu items during service at a capacity typical for your workplace. For example, an upmarket menu with multiple components and an average occupancy of 50 customers per setting is not likely to be managed with 2 chefs.

Establish a yield test sheet for all ingredients, using the attached template “Yields” and calculate the net yields, and net costs.

Education Cookery Project

Finalize the standard recipe cards for each dish and cost each dish based on a ‘per serve/per person’ price based on a food cost of not exceeding 27% for each dish – Adjust menu items accordingly.

Identify the dishes that feature best in terms of profitability.

Write the menu using an attractive font of your choice no smaller than size 12.
Ensure each dish is described accurately and in an appealing manner, and true in its features and ingredients.
Use correct culinary terms, language and grammar relevant to the style of cuisine.

Education Cookery Project


Once implemented, obtain feedback for the success of the menu using a method outlined in the task section above and attach the feedback to this assessment marked “Menu 1”

Provide an overview of the evaluation processes undertaken including the parties who were consulted, and what was discussed.

Make adjustments to your menu as identified in the feedback and attach all changes to this assessment marked “Menu 1 – Adjustments.” Use APA referencing style.