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November 8, 2023

Education & Care – Infants/Toddlers

Education & Care – Infants/Toddlers


Students will reflect on their learning about theoretical perspectives and practices to develop their own teaching philosophy for teaching infants and toddlers. Students will reflect on this philosophy and how it may translate to practice.

Task Description

This report is comprised of two tasks and should be presented in ONE-word document.

Part 1: Professional Philosophy (750 words)

Develop your professional philosophy statement for working with infants and toddlers in an early childhood setting.  Consider important aspects of infant and toddler learning, health and safety and development. Consider unit topics such as relationships, quality, attachment, brain development, routines and the physical and human environment. You can also include topics that are of interest to you.

Education & Care – Infants/Toddlers

Education & Care – Infants/Toddlers

Part 2: Critical Reflection (750 words)

Critically reflect on your philosophy above, and identify 3 anticipated challenges you may face when putting your philosophy into practice. How do you intend to overcome these challenges? Analyse according to the set text, and the National Quality Standard and Early Years Learning Framework (V2.0).

Follow the steps to complete the task:

  • Create a new Word Document and save it with your surname and initials and the assessment task’s name. E.g: MillsA_assessment1_philosophy
  • Create a cover page with the following details:

o          Student name and Student ID.

o          Unit code and name.

o          Unit Assessor and Tutor names.

o          Date submitted.

Education & Care – Infants/Toddlers

  • Complete professional philosophy (750 words) and critical reflection (750 words)
  • Complete one reference list on word document
  • Check draft with draft checker on unit site.
  • Once complete, submit final task via the Turnitin link in the Assessment and Submission section of the unit site.


APA7th referencing format is required with a minimum of 5 references. Sources should include relevant early childhood policy and peer-reviewed literature. Students must use the unit textbook.