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August 9, 2023

Economic Legislation SWOT Analysis

Economic Legislation SWOT Analysis

For our class, you will be utilizing the SWOT to analyze an economic legislative change.  The link in your readings is one of the best resources that I have found to help you with this project. Do Not use the American Healthcare Act [the ACA/Obama care etc.] for this assignment. The ACA is our healthcare system. You want to look at current legislation [current law] having an impact on our healthcare system. Any SWOT completed on the ACA or proposed legislation will not be accepted.

Economic Legislation SWOT Analysis Please make sure the legislation is an economic legislation [law] document that you are analyzing.  For example, antitrust laws, CARES act, HIPAA, HITECH, CHIP, Anti-human trafficking, specific tax laws, any commonsense law such as Click it or ticket or need to be age 21 to buy alcohol or tobacco are all good examples of economic legislation to review and analyze. APA Format

I would suggest matching the law to the facility. For example, if you are using St. Jude’s hospital, the newest version of the CHIP law would be a good match. A few tips: Be sure to use in text citations for writing the description of the legislation and have a reference page.  A suggestion would be to use the same legislation for your SWOT and milestone 2. Complete the SWOT first then write milestone 2 as you will be able to better answer the milestone questions. Do not use direct quotes. Summarize the information for the paragraph description and cite. The bullet points in the SWOT do not need cited as that is your analysis of the legislation. Add a short paragraph that defines an economic policy that affects the American Health Care act AKA Obama care. Name the economic policy, then describe what this specific policy is supposed to do. For example, the newest CHIP policy for pediatric patients. Cite all the sentences related to your legislation. Guidelines: Your SWOT analysis should include a one-paragraph description of the economic policy you have chosen, followed by a 2×2 chart with headings for Strengths, Weakness, Opportunities, and Threats. Submissions will be approximately 1–2 pages in length and should follow basic APA formatting for charts and for referencing any sources within the analysis. Economic Legislation SWOT Analysis

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