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January 21, 2024

Donald Trump vs. Michael Bloomberg

Donald Trump vs. Michael Bloomberg


Moses, Trump and Bloomberg have had great influence in the American Landscape. This paper gives a detailed comparison and contrast of Robert, Michael and Donald on political interests and managerial style. It also evaluates financial prudence and accountability as well as career paths and philanthropy. This paper concludes on a personal opinion based on the personal contributions they have made to the United States of America.

All the three have similarity in that they had political interests. Robert Moses never held elected office but he was unsuccessful in his attempts for a post of governor of New York under the Republican party. However, he held several city and state offices.  In 2000 Bloomberg shifted his political affiliation from a Democrat to a Republican in attempts to vie for mayoral position in New York City which he later won. Bloomberg was inaugurated as mayor of New York City in January 2002. Donald Trump is the forty fifth president of the United States of America. He vied for the presidency on a Republican ticket, defeating Hillary Clinton of the Democratic party during the 2016 presidential election.

Donald Trump vs. Michael Bloomberg

Donald Trump vs. Michael Bloomberg

Michael Bloomberg and Donald Trump have a similarity of being famous as maverick bosses. For instance, Bloomberg is famous for setting policies about main conference room in his corporation to be removed chairs to avoid dragging meetings. Additionally, Bloomberg Incorporation lacked office doors at the headquarters as well lack of official job titles. Similarly, Donald Trump is famous managerial style and decorum. He developed the art of seeing opportunity where others saw nothing such as the redevelopment of the Commodore Hotel which seemed impossible. Additionally, Trump went against fundamental economic principles when pursuing business deals. For instance, when competitors reduced prices to crowd him out of the industry, he raised prices believing that the rich would purchase for luxury. Markedly, Robert Moses leadership is viewed as one of the most efficient. He is renowned for being impatient for results coupled with single- mindedness in pursuing his proposed urban reconstruction programs.

Both Trump and Robert Moses have similarities in that they had interest in real estate developments of New York City. Trump in the 1980s and 1990s had made massive investment as a private developer in real estate such as Barbizon Hotel Plaza, Holiday Inns Corporation, Hilton Hotels Casino among others. Certainly, Robert Moses is also known as the master builder of New York. Moses’ public projects includes seven major bridges, 658 playgrounds, 416 miles of highway, seventeen public swimming pools as well over two million acres of parklands throughout the state. They are also reported to have had discrimination against people of color in their state programs. Trump’s discrimination is evident in the immigration policies and racism agenda such as black crime while Moses’ is evident in separating beaches for whites and people of color as well as the New York City housing project undertaken in Manhattan.

Donald Trump vs. Michael Bloomberg

One major difference between Robert Moses and Donald Trump was the manner in which each of them utilized the funds under their accountability. Moses mastered the art of utilizing federal funds and promoted the establishment of public authority to oversee the public expenditure. On the other hand, Trump is renowned for investing massively which led to heavy losses of $ 1.2 billion during 1990 when the real estate market declined. Trump’s organization required massive loans to keep from collapsing which depicts poor financial management.

Robert Moses and Michael Bloomberg have differences in that Robert Moses was a devoted civil servant who served as president of Long Island State Park Commission as well chairman of State Parks Council among other state offices. Conversely, Michael Bloomberg was an astute businessman who launched his first company Innovative Market Systems in 1981. The company grew tremendously and in 1986 it changed name to Bloomberg Inc. Bloomberg became a multi-millionaire and invested in media properties, Bloomberg also is on record to have heavily ventured into philanthropy in the late 1990s through his private foundation he had set up. There is no detail linking Robert Moses to philanthropy.


As illustrated above, Robert Moses, Donald Trump and Michael Bloomberg have contributed greatly to the U.S economy and New York City. Robert Moses was the inspiration behind the Urban Planning of New York City during the twentieth century. Donald Trump made a great contribution towards growth of New York City through his massive investment in real estate in the city. Notably, Michael Bloomberg efforts in stabilizing New York’s economy and to a greater extend the U.S economy by handling the East Coast Blackout in 2003 as well funding thousands of affordable housing units are outstanding. All those contributions offered hope of achieving the American dream.

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