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March 6, 2024

Diabetes Assignment Paper

Diabetes Assignment Paper

  1. Background
  • History of the disease
  • Pathophysiologic process
  • Pharmacology

Include at least 2 most common medications, routes, possible adverse effects.

  1. Sphere of Care and Influence

These four categories represent the health status of the population, and the corresponding

reasons people seek healthcare. What is the influence of the following on each sphere of care: Social Determinants of health, Health Policy, Diversity, Equity and Inclusion, Evidence Based Practice (use scholarly, peer-reviewed evidence).

Diabetes Assignment Paper

Diabetes Assignment Paper

  1. Wellness and Disease Prevention: represents the health needs of individuals who are generally healthy. This includes screenings, vaccinations, prenatal or maternity care (if applicable). The goal of this sphere is centered around keeping people healthy. For the disease chosen, how can we achieve this? What preventative measures or screenings exist and should be promoted to keep healthy individuals staying healthy?
  2. Chronic Disease Management: This sphere represents individuals who have one or more chronic illnesses and require ongoing management. The goal of this sphere is to prevent clinical deterioration or negative sequalae to maximize quality of life and life expectancy. Since the patient already has this disease, what should be done to prevent clinical deterioration? What members of the interdisciplinary team do you need to achieve this, in addition to the influence list.
  3. Regenerative/Restorative Care: This sphere represents the needs of individuals who experience an unexpected serious health event or a serious injury. It also represents those who have an acute exacerbation of a chronic condition. How can the “influence list” improve or worsen patient health outcomes in this sphere of care?
  4. Palliative Care/Hospice: This sphere represents the healthcare needs of individuals with Chronic illness (Palliative Care) and individuals approaching End of Life (hospice care). The goal is to reduce symptom burden and improve quality of Life. However, current, and future Palliative Care and hospice demands exceed the supply of specialists in this sphere of care. What can be done? Correlate this to the influence list.

Diabetes Assignment Paper

please answer all questions and please use the following resources for each of the a. b. c. d. in this order