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March 22, 2024

Data Science Applications & Processes

Data Science Applications & Processes

How might data compiled and analyzed in your healthcare organization or nursing practice help support efforts aimed at patient quality and safety? Why might it be important to consider the how’s and why’s of data collection, application, and implementation? How might these practices shape your nursing practice or even the future of nursing?

Data Science Applications & Processes

For this Discussion, you will explore various topics related to data and consider the process and application of each. Reflect on the use of these applications, but also consider the implications of how these applications might shape the future of nursing and healthcare practice.

To Prepare

  • Review the Learning Resources for this week related to the topics: Big Data, Data Science, Data Mining, Data Analytics, and Machine Learning.
  • Consider the process and application of each topic.
  • Reflect on how each topic relates to nursing practice.

Data Science Applications & Processes

Post a summary on how predictive analytics might be used to support healthcare. Note: These topics may overlap as you will find in the readings (e.g., some processes require both Data Mining and Analytics).

In your post include the following:

  • Describe a practical application for predictive analytics in your nursing practice. What challenges and opportunities do you envision for the future of predictive analytics in healthcare?

Technology & Tackling Environmental Challenges

How one of Industry 4.0 technologies is helping tackle environmental challenges and achieve sustainable development goals (SDGs) in business?

Each student picks one of the following technologies and researches what that technology is and how it can help overcome environmental challenges or achieve the global SDGs, then showcases the topic for business and/or corporation (s).

Data Science Applications & Processes

You need to introduce the technology, the potential help in addressing environmental challenges and SDGs, and examples on global and business/corporation scales showing the effect of that technology.

The word count is 1000-3000, excluding the title page and references list, in-text citations and references are required, at least ten references (the more, the better), and a consistent style of citation and referencing is required.

The report needs to have at least a title page, abstract/executive summary, table of contents, body text and discussion, and a conclusion. A well-structured report with numbered sections/subsections is preferred. Use APA referencing style.


Cloud Computing

Big data visualization