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September 17, 2023

Culture and Abnormal Psychology

Culture and Abnormal Psychology. Multiculturalism, the need for cultural diversity, and cultural sensitivity have become important topics of research in contemporary psychology. You are to write a paper about a culturally relevant topic in contemporary abnormal psychology. Some examples of themes are, treatments designed/modified for specific cultural groups, culture-bound syndromes, a perceived discrepancy between how the DSM-5 defines a disorder and how that disorder manifests in a particular culture, and evidence-based ways as to how therapists can incorporate cultural sensitivity in their work.

Culture and Abnormal Psychology

Culture is not bound to race or ethnicity. You can choose any cultural group; for example, Latino culture, blind culture, transgender culture, catholic culture, etc. You are encouraged to explore different, culture related ideas from those presented above. Specifically: (1) Identify & describe your topic & cultural group – pick a topic that is directly tied to abnormal psychology & culture. Define the terms you are using and provide a rationale for why you think this is an important topic in the field of abnormal psychology. Also, objectively note whether there has been much research conducted regarding this topic and cultural group.

Culture and Abnormal Psychology. (2) Tie your topic to 3 peer-reviewed sources. What do your sources say about your topic? If any of your sources are an empirical study, describe the population, methods & results. (3) Provide a conclusion that succinctly summarizes your ideas and explain the implications based on the literature. What insights have you gained? Where does the psychology field go from here/what is the bigger picture? The paper will be 4 to 5 double-spaced pages (not including title page or references), with 1-inch margins and 12-point Times New Roman font and will include a minimum of 3 references from peer-reviewed sources. In-text citations and the references section must be in APA format. You may not use direct quotes when referencing your article. All information must be paraphrased and cited appropriately.

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