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September 17, 2023

Cultural Influence in Society

Cultural Influence in Society. Introduction: This assignment will assist in your gaining a better understanding of the culture influence in society. This assignment fulfills/supports: Module Outcome: You will be able to: Explore by examining the social structure of various cultures. Identify and discuss the many elements that make culture. Course Outcomes: You will be able to:

Analyze the interplay between individuals, groups, and societies through a sociological lens. Integrate vital sociological terminology. For this written assignment, you will dive deeper into culture by completing the following:  Using the textbook, define each of the four components of culture: language, values, norms (behaviors), and symbols. Be sure to paraphrase and cite your sources if applicable. Cultural Influence in Society. Next, choose a popular movie of your choice, or your favorite movie that you have enjoyed (There are a list of movie suggestions located in Black Board).  For your chosen movie, provide specific examples and describe each component of culture: (language, values, norms, and symbols) found within your chosen movie.

Cultural Influence in Society

Cultural Influence in Society. Each movie could be said to represent a subculture of mainstream society. From your chosen movie example: demonstrate in your explanation how each of the four components of culture: (language, values, norms, and symbols) are considered a subculture compared to mainstream American culture. Your cultural identity and cross-cultural perspective: Write a conclusion paragraph, compare and contrast (in other words, discuss similarities and differences), between the components of culture from your chosen movie and your own cultural identity. For example, discuss some of the norms, values, language and symbols that are similar to your own lifestyle and culture and those that are different from your own culture in the movie. How can you effectively interact with those of a different culture or subculture different from your own? Use APA referencing style.

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