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November 27, 2023

Cultural Diversity Discussion Assignment

Cultural Diversity Discussion Assignment

Select one of the discussion prompts below and respond to it with an initial post by Day #4 of the unit week. Your initial post needs to thoroughly address all parts of the selected prompt and be supported by at least one scholarly source. Then, respond to at least two threads on two additional days to drive the weekly discussions. All posts must demonstrate critical thinking and effective written communication including proper spelling, grammar, professional language, and APA formatting of references and in-text citations. All posts must also be submitted no later than the last day of the unit week.

Discussion Prompts

Prompt #1

Take a day or a week in your present life and list all things tied to religion. These can include religious structures in your neighborhood, religious or spiritual study groups, saying prayers before meals, the pledge of allegiance, cultural festivities, social media messages, or tv shows and movies with religious connotations. What do you observe? Is it a picture of religious diversity? Do you or people in your social settings practice religious tolerance or religious inclusivity? Explain with specific examples.

(USLO 5.1)

Cultural Diversity Discussion

Cultural Diversity Discussion Assignment

Prompt #2

In the U.S., which religions are preferred, and which are not? Discuss reasons behind religious privilege and how it impacts people belonging to faiths that are in the minority? Provide examples of individual and institutional forms of religious and spiritual oppression that people experience in the U.S. And list a few social outreach efforts to help diminish religious persecution and provide a sense of community to adherents of all religions.

(USLO 5.2)

Prompt #3

After reading through the unit on religion and spiritual identities,

  • Has your perspective about them changed? If yes, how did it change; if no, why not? Explain.
  • Are you more comfortable conversing about belief systems that are different from your own? Elaborate.
  • Do you have any reservations to stand up as an ally for religious equity and inclusion? Reflect.

(USLO 5.3)

Cultural Diversity Discussion Assignment

Prompt #4

What is a stereotype about your religion/spirituality/non-religion beliefs that upsets you, and why? If there are more than one, include them as well in your response. How would you explain your beliefs to others to educate people about the harmful effects of stereotyping?  Reflect on ways you can create a “safe place” for conversations on religion and spiritual identities different from your own.

(USLO 5.3)

Prompt #5

Why should workplaces, specifically healthcare providers/organizations, be knowledgeable about diversity, equity, and inclusion in the context of religion/spiritual/non-religion identities? Research at least two real-case scenarios in which an individual’s religion/spiritual/non-religion identity had detrimental effects on the person.  What steps would you take to prevent similar incidents from happening? Use APA referencing style.