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September 14, 2023

Cultural Awareness – International Marketing

Cultural Awareness – International Marketing. This assignment is an exercise in cultural awareness, which is important to international marketing.  Conduct a Google search to help you. answer each of the questions below.  Compile your answers into a short report with the following sections: Create a cover page with a title and include a picture that demonstrates/symbolizes cultural awareness in business/marketing. Conduct research to develop answers to each of the questions below:

Cultural Awareness - International Marketing

You are in Rio de Janeiro making inquiries about local suppliers.  You speak some Spanish but not very well. Should you make an attempt to speak Spanish with your contacts or concentrate or speaking English very slowly and distinctly? Why should you handle it that way? You meet a Japanese colleague for the first time and exchange business cards. Cultural Awareness – International Marketing. What do you do with your colleague’s business card? Should you: a) put it in your pocket for future research; b) study it carefully and then put it on the table in front of you;  or c) use the back to make notes about the special issues that arise in the conversation?  Why is that the best approach? For each scenario above, answer the following questions:

Cultural Awareness – International Marketing. Briefly describe five characteristics of the culture of that country and then explain whether it is a high or low-context culture. (Note: information about high/low context cultures can be found in Ch. 4 of your book.) Explain how the culture (and whether it is high/low context) is impacting the specific decision you made for A and then B. Provide a Bibliography with all the references you found/utilized in your research and writing.  List the citations in alphabetical order, using APA formatting. You should have at least one reference for your answer to each of the questions above. Also, be sure to use your own words in writing up this exercise—do not copy any material you found in your research. Make sure you have subtitles that clearly explain how you answered each question.  So, the subtitles should be:  Speaking in Rio, Characteristics of Brazil’s culture, Cultural Impact on the decision; and Japanese Business Meeting, Characteristics of Japan’s culture, Cultural Impact on the decision.


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