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October 9, 2023

Counseling Psychology Assignment

Counseling Psychology Assignment

For your final project, you will select an area of counseling psychology that interests you (e.g., counseling adolescents, substance abuse counseling, behavioral health in a hospital, etc.) and create an ethical practice packet that you could use as a practitioner in this area. Where applicable, you may personalize the information to you.  This is not a paper, but a packet of “SIMULATED” application practice packet.  This cannot be used in a real-world scenario as you are not clinicians.  This is a simulated practice packet.

Counseling Psychology Assignment

Components of this packet should include:

Resume (Your actual information! For tips and pointers for resumes, you are welcome to call the Center for Career and Professional Development. Note that they are here for you, for free, as a Regis student).

Counseling Psychology Assignment. CREATE your own infographic on ethical behavior based on the discussion we reviewed in WEEK 6 DISCUSSIONS (example was from Notre Dame) and give explanations.  This can be a one-page infographic, but then also add 2 pages of explanations WHY you chose those principles for the infographic.  This does not have to focused on mental health only, you can EXPAND and apply ethical principles (cite as appropriate) that are not focused on mental health. CREATE a one-page explanation of pertinent ethics for your work environment in the era of COVID.  Provide explanations. Informed consent form (e.g., for research, therapy, testing). Violations reporting form.

What state laws are applicable (if you live outside of Colorado, please look for the details in your own place of residence).  Take time to research mandatory reporting. Disclosure statement given to client/patient. There are many examples you can research. Take time to ADAPT to your practice packet.  Reference as needed, please. Confidentiality agreement to be given to client/patient. Counseling Psychology Assignment. Again, all of these are for simulated application, not to be given to anyone as you are not clinicians.  Be sure to reference where you ADAPTED the forms from like the disclosure statement, confidentiality agreement, and the violations reporting form.  You must take time to reference where you MODIFIED the forms you found.