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February 24, 2024

Child & YouthCare – Literature Review

Child & YouthCare – Literature Review

Your submission will be submitted on e.centennial and will include:

  1. APA title page and APA formatted paper (this means using paragraphs, citations, a title page and a reference page)
    1. you will complete the Writing Expectations Checklist before you submit your paper, *you will not have access to the assignment folder unless you have completed this checklist*
  2. Research regarding a children’s rights issue or advocacy issue
    1. you will write four full pages, not exceeding six pages of content about your topic
  3. You will have at least four APA formatted references
    1. your references will be peer reviewed journal articles from the last 10 years only

Writing a literature review is a big undertaking. This paper is a full four pages, so do remember that you have to write quite a bit, but if you pick your topic well, this should be quite easy to do.

Child & YouthCare - Literature Review

Child & YouthCare – Literature Review

You should start by identifying an issue that you feel passionate about. Look at the topical outline for some ideas, the sky is the limit here folks!

I know this “pick your own adventure” can be stressful for people. So some ideas are included here *Please Note: I have attached Googled articles that you can all access but when completing this paper you MUST use literature, this means peer reviewed journal articles

  1. Human Trafficking in Indigenous Youth Populations in Ontario (idea article )
  2. The Emotional Impact of the COVID-19 Pandemic on Youth in Canada (article )
  3. Transracial Care Systems and the impact on Black Youth (idea article )
  4. Links between Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACES) and Wellbeing Outcomes in Youth in Ontario (idea article )
  5. Education Crisis in Attawapiskat (article ) – so many themes you could pull out here, but I would just focus on this community not Indigenous communities broadly. So, you can do the Education issues (Shannens Dream  came out of this) you can also do the suicide crisis, water crisis, housing crisis (but obviously tie it back to youth).
  6. The School to Prison Pipeline in Canada (idea article)
  7. Impacts of Ableism on the Health and Wellbeing of Disabled Young People (article )
  8. Barriers to youth Accessing Mental Health Services/could also focus on Migrant Youth (article ) /or specify for Black Youth (article ) – could also discuss cultural stigma

You will need to read more than four articles so that you can find four to pick that are most relevant to your topic. If you want to use more than four you are welcome to.

Child & YouthCare – Literature Review

Your paper should work to explore the topic you’ve selected by presenting literature that you have found that relates to your issue. For example, if you selected homeless youth, you might want to research the barriers that impact females who identify as homeless such as education, health care, employment, addiction, mental health, etc. Let the research guide you! Ensure you have in-text citations and have followed APA throughout your paper. A paper without in text citations, a title page, or a reference page will not be accepted. You must complete the checklist for APA formatting before submitting this assignment.

The only rules for the topic selection of your assignment are:

A) It must be about children and youth

B) You cannot write about child abuse of any kind

C) Please include issues particular to Canada