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September 18, 2023

Child Psychology – Language Development

Child Psychology – Language Development


Organizing and integrating information from multiple sources is an important part of developing a strong research paper.  As graduate students, it is important to be able to develop this process for writing and developing a research paper.  This Research Paper: Outline Assignment is intended to encourage you to start thinking about the research paper in more specific terms. The paper will require a great deal of thought and time to be done well. The outline is to be used as an organizational tool to help you draft a piece of writing.  This assignment is intended to help you organize your thoughts and visualize the overall format of your paper.

Child Psychology - Language Development


In this course, you will write a research paper that discusses and evaluates the current research in the field of attachment. For this Research Paper: Outline Assignment, all 3 parts of your paper should be represented in an outline that you create, including the introduction, body and conclusion. Please be sure to include a title page and references page.

Begin your introduction by clearly stating the purpose of your paper. Summarize 3-5 major points you plan to cover in the paper. Present your thesis statement, located at the end of your opening paragraph. In the body of the paper, present your research findings and supporting evidence. The supporting evidence will be taken from the primary, peer-reviewed journal articles that you have read. Child Psychology – Language Development. Please provide specific details from the articles that help explain the supporting facts. In the conclusion, restate your thesis and summarize main points. Discuss the connection between attachment in childhood and spiritual development. What is the influence of attachment on subsequent spiritual development? Please include Scriptural citations here. Provide at least 12 peer-reviewed journal article references. Current APA style formatting.

Child Psychology – Language Development. It may be helpful to read the Research Paper: Final Submission Assignment Instructions and Research Paper: Outline Grading Rubric before beginning this assignment. It is also important to note that there are no APA formatting guidelines for the creation of outlines. Please refer to the Research Paper: Outline Template for how to format your outline. Your outline should follow this example closely.

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