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January 18, 2024

Chester Freedom Ministries

Chester Freedom Ministries What is the organization’s mission? Our mission is to reach people with the message of Christ and to share the message of God’s love to mankind by sending Christ to earth to save mankind from sin by dying on the cross.  We also seek to serve and love and meet people’s needs in both the church and community. We provide counsel, care, and help for those in need and follow Christ’s example in doing so. Whom does the organization serve? We serve both the church congregation, people inside the church as well as those in the community. Who serves on the board of directors? Our church elders do. We have 3 elders. 3 pastors as well as church staff and deacons.

Chester Freedom Ministries

Chester Freedom Ministries What information does the organization provide on its website? Our heart, background, mission, info, sermon messages, calendar, announcements, and events. How does the organization communicate its goals and strategies internally? Through meetings, digital and print media, website, email web pages, group apps and texts, verbal announcements, and social media. How does the organization communicate its goals and strategies externally?  and verbal communication as well as print announcements and media. Chester Freedom Ministries How does the organization seek and recruit volunteers?  We provide and promote area serve and volunteer cards every year during our worship meetings and gatherings, as well as through our web pages.

Chester Freedom Ministries Is this organization looking to expand or sustain its current operation? We aim to do both. As a church body our goal is to constantly be growing and reaching those in the community with the message of Christ. Chester Freedom Ministries. What are some of the organization’s long-term goals? To expand our preschool and afterschool programs. To build a new gym and facility with a children’s area and more classrooms to accommodate the new housing subdivisions being built within a mile of the church.  Use APA reference format.