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March 18, 2024

Case Study – Pharmacology

 Case Study – Pharmacology


For each of the scenarios below, answer the questions below using clinical practice guideline where applicable. Explain the problem and explain how you would address the problem. If prescribing a new drug, write out a complete medication order just as you would if you were completing a prescription. Use at least 3 sources for each scenario and cite sources using APA format.

Sara is a 45-year-old female presenting for her annual exam. Her blood pressure today is 160/90 HR 84 RR 16. Her height is 64 inches and her weight is 195. Her last visit to the clinic 3 months ago shows a BP of 156/92. She is currently taking ibuprofen 600 mg tid for back pain. She has no known allergies. What is the goal for her blood pressure? What medication would you prescribe to treat her blood pressure? What education would you prescribe?

 Case Study - Pharmacology

 Case Study – Pharmacology

Monty is a 52-year-old male following up on his labs that were drawn last week. He smokes 1 pack per day. He is currently on Lisinopril 20 mg po daily. He is allergic to penicillin. Fasting lipid profile shows total cholesterol 266, LDL cholesterol 180, HDL cholesterol 40, and Triglycerides 185. What treatment plan would you implement for Monty’s lipid profile? What is the goal Total Cholesterol (TC), HDL-C, and LDL-C level for Monty? How would you monitor the effectiveness of your treatment plan? How many risk factors for coronary artery disease does this patient have? Identify them specifically.

Beatrice is a 17-year-old female diagnosed with mild persistent asthma since age 7. During her visit today, she reports having to use her albuterol MDI 3 to 4 days per week over the past 2 months. Over the past week she has been using albuterol at least once per day. She reports being awakened by a cough three nights during the last month. She is becoming more short of breath with exercise. She also has a fluticasone MDI, which she uses “most days of the week.” Her current medications include: Flovent HFA 44 mcg, two puffs BID, Proventil HFA two puffs Q 4–6 H PRN shortness of breath, Yaz one PO daily, Propranolol 80 mg PO BID. What treatment plan would you implement for this patient? What medication changes would you make? How would you monitor the effectiveness of this plan?

 Case Study – Pharmacology

Daute is a 56-year-old man seeking evaluation for increasing shortness of breath. He noticed difficulty catching his breath about 3 years ago. Physical activity increases his symptoms. He avoids activity as much as possible to prevent any SOB. His previous physician had placed him on salmeterol/fluticasone (Advair Diskus) one inhalation twice daily 2 years ago. He thinks his physician initiated the medication for the shortness of breath, but he is not entirely sure. He did not refill the prescription and has not been taking it. Pertinent history – Chronic bronchitis X 8 years with one exacerbation in last 12 months of treatment with oral antibiotics. He has a 40-pack-year smoking history. What treatment plan would you implement for this patient? What medication(s) would you prescribe? How would you monitor the effectiveness of this plan? Use APA referencing style.