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January 31, 2024

Case Planning and Management

Case Planning and Management

The Case of Shaunte

Review the Case of Shaunte which is below. Provide a 200-word summary. What additional information would you ask to complete a full assessment of Shaunte? Why is this information important? Based on Shaunte’s strengths, how would you build rapport with her during the assessment?

Discussion – Identifying and Maintaining Boundaries

Shaunte, 21, was arrested for drug possession and disorderly conduct, and is now serving a 2-year prison sentence.

Shaunte’s mother was arrested for selling heroin and went to prison when Shaunte was 9 years old. Shaunte entered the foster care system and had eight different sets of foster parents before turning 18, when she moved out on her own. She did not complete high school and has not obtained her GED.

Case Planning and Management

Case Planning and Management

Shaunte began working full time as an exotic dancer at age 18. She started using cocaine to make it through her workday. After a short time, the cocaine became a normal habit and was having severe effects on her daily functioning and interpersonal relationships. She yelled at and slapped a customer because she did not feel he gave her a good tip. She was fired from her job and arrested for the incident. She was found with cocaine in her possession.

During the intake interview, Shaunte admitted to daily cocaine use over the past year. She stated she has been using it since she was 18 but started using daily a year ago. She stated she will drink alcohol on occasion, and when she does, she typically blacks out. Shaunte also stated she has been battling feelings of depression for about 6 months but has never sought treatment for it.

Case Planning and Management

Shaunte denied a history of physical, emotional, or sexual abuse as a child but did report a previous relationship in which she was the victim of domestic violence. The relationship ended when her partner went to prison.

Shaunte further stated she knows she has a while to work on these issues before she is released and really wants to have a different lifestyle upon her return to the community. APA.