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August 7, 2023

Case of María Paula

Case of María Paula. María Paula is a 33-year-old Hispanic female.  She has two daughters, aged 7 and 4.  She works full time as an executive assistant but is currently furloughed and has been since March.  María Paula has a live in boyfriend, Tomaz.  They have been together 9 years. CHIEF COMPLAINT/PRESENTING PROBLEM: “I am wondering if I still have a job since I have not been called back yet.  I am the primary breadwinner and unemployment will be running out soon.”  The job situation is on my mind, adding to all the other areas of concern I have had over the years about my family, my children, my relationship, and taking care of my house. HISTORY OF PRESENT ILLNESS:  María Paula has been working at the same company since she was 18 years old.  She loves her job and believes she does it very well, which is how she moved up in the company. Now that she is not working she finds herself not wanting to do much of anything with her children or partner.  Her focus is on if she will be called back to work or permanently discharged which is affecting everything in her life.  She feels on edge all the time and her skin seems to crawl.  María Paula’s reports her anxiety is so high now with all the stress she is under. María Paula reports that she has always had a tendency to be anxious and has always been apprehensive with expectations of what may happen.

Case of María Paula

Growing up her parents called her their “little worry wart”.  She ignores her parents now since she has learned this is who she is and has stopped trying to change.  María Paula reports she was never a good sleeper, twisting and turning all night, waking up, and having difficulty falling back to sleep.  María Paula’s current situation about her job has just added to her irritability and tension. She was never a very active since she does tire easily.  This has gotten in the way with her life but María Paula makes sure this does not interfere with her job. Explain how you support the diagnosis by specifically identifying the criteria from the case study. Describe in detail how the client’s symptoms match up with the specific diagnostic criteria for the disorder (or all the disorders) that you finally selected for the client. You do not need to repeat the diagnostic code in the explanation. Identify the differential diagnosis you considered. Explain why you excluded this diagnosis/diagnoses. Case of María Paula. Explain the specific factors of culture that are or may be relevant to the case and the diagnosis, which may include the cultural concepts of distress. Explain why you chose the Z codes you have for this client. Remember: When using Z codes, stay focused on the psychosocial and environmental impact on the client within the last 12 months.

Use APA referencing style.

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