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February 3, 2024

Business Strategic Marketing Plan

Business Strategic Marketing Plan

In this course, you will develop a strategic marketing plan for a selected business that you will use throughout this course. To do so, the assignments and summative assessments in this course build on each other, and you will develop your strategic marketing plan in sections. Please do not integrate previously used content from other courses or assessments outside of this course.

Review the Strategic Marketing Plan Template to get an understanding of the type of information you will need throughout this course.

Business Strategic Marketing Plan

Business Strategic Marketing Plan Select 1 well-known business you would like to research and use as the basis for developing a marketing campaign. Refer to the following resources, as needed, for assistance selecting a business and locating information about it:

Marketing professional organizations, such as 4 A’s website or American Marketing Association website
Get Started with Marketing Research page on the University Library website.
Business databases on the Week 1 University Library

Consider the following during your business selection process:

The business you select will be used throughout the weekly assignments and summative assessments in this course.
It will be to your benefit to select a business whose information is easily accessible. While you will base your plan on the actual business, there may be parts of this assignment that will require you to use your knowledge and resources to make an informed plan.

Business Strategic Marketing Plan Develop a 350- to 700-word outline for your selected business in which you include the following information that you will use to complete portions of your Week 2 summative assessment:

Mission statement
Vision statement
Product line description
Business information, such as the size of the business
Current target markets
Current marketing tactics Cite sources to support your outline.

Format citations and references according to APA guidelines. Use APA referencing style.