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April 3, 2024

Business Law 301

Business Law 301


DUE DATE: Due as per the course schedule in the course syllabus/moodle.

  1. Watch a Supreme Court of Canada (link provided in Moodle) Cases in which you are or have been personally involved do not qualify. The case brief must be based on what you saw and heard. You may not copy from a written judgment.

Part A: Prepare a written case brief (approximately one page in length for this section)

The case brief should include the following information:

Business Law 301


Name of the Parties,


Summary of Facts (do not write everything said by the parties)

Appellant’s Argument

Respondent’s Argument

Decision and Reasons for Decision (if available)

Business Law 301

Use headings/sub-headings to organize these sections. It is incorrect to write everything you heard in the order you heard it.

Part B: Write a short essay (approximately 1 page in length for this section) discussing your impressions of the court proceedings you have seen. The following are topic suggestions (you are not obligated to answer each of these questions): Discuss what part of the process you thought was effective and what was not. Comment on the appropriateness of the proceedings, the role of the judge, the lawyers if any, and the litigants.

How could the process be improved? You may also include a lesson for businesses to learn from this case.

If you answer each of these questions, in order, it will be a boring assignment, showing little thought/consideration, and marked accordingly. You must provide personal opinion and analysis in your essay.

Business Law 301

You are expected to do the assignment alone. Any collaboration will result in a “0” grade and a report to the Dean’s Office for cheating or plagiarism. Assignments must be uploaded to Moodle, in PDF format (documents in Word format will not be graded and marks will be deducted if I need to send an email asking you to submit this properly). The answer should be typewritten in Times Roman 12-inch font, with a 1-inch margin and be double-spaced (except specified portions). You must create a cover page containing your name, student number and course section number. The assignment is due in Moodle or it is late and marks will be deducted. Failure to follow these instructions, or any others given in the welcome video, will lead to marks being deducted. Late submissions will be accepted within one week of the due date, but additional marks will be deducted, the amount of which will be at the instructor’s discretion. The sooner you hand it (via Moodle) in the less marks will be taken off.


Your grade will be based on how well you follow the instructions, how understandable your information is, the depth of thought and effort of your essay and the quality of your writing (spelling, grammar, formatting, business tone, etc.). APA.