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April 26, 2024

BUSI660 Small Business Management

BUSI660 Small Business Management

Please read the following instructions carefully before completing the assignment.

At first, you’ll complete the Indigo Assessment/Survey. The Indigo Assessment is a multi-dimensional tool to help students gain insights through self-awareness of their behaviors, career readiness skills, motivators, and social and emotional perceptions. The Indigo Assessment has been used as a tool for career counseling, classroom dashboard and other academic activities, and high-level personality test.

Please use the following link to complete the assessment: https://www.ttisurvey.ca/38217GJD

A report will be generated upon completion of the survey, which you’ll receive in your email. Please make sure you use your UCW email and enter the email correctly.

This assignment has two parts: (1) the self-reflection and individual development plan and (2) managerial and leadership skills evaluation.

BUSI660 Small Business Management

BUSI660 Small Business Management

Instructions on recording and submitting the assignment:

  • Both parts I and II should be addressed within the same video recording session using MS Teams. Please submit the recording as a single LINK on Brightspace.
  • Please use PowerPoint slides during your presentation.
  • Please make sure the total recording time does not exceed 6 minutes.
  • The challenge is to effectively articulate pertinent information within a limited time. Think of it as an elevator pitch that we use for delivering and understanding a business idea and self-assessment within the allotted minutes.
  • Please introduce yourself at the beginning of the recording.
  • Keep in mind, as I’ll emphasize in class, generic = generated, so it’s critical to authenticate your work through granularity and personality.
  • Sell the problem, timing & story components especially forcefully.
  • Address the why you, why now & how of the concept as well.
  • Your assignment will be assessed based on the rubrics available in the course shell on Brightspace.

BUSI660 Small Business Management

This assignment comprises two parts: Part I and II will be graded out of 50 and 70 points, respectively. This assignment constitutes 20% of the overall student performance evaluation.

Part 1: Self-reflection and individual development plan

Assume you will start a small business in Canada in the near future. Based on the results of your Indigo report, please make a 3-minute video recording, responding to the following:

  1. Introduce your chosen small business concept.
  2. Populate one of the four template options.
  3. Small Business Canvas
  4. YC Seed Deck Template
  5. Small Business Canvas [WB]
  6. 1-Page Skeleton Pitch

BUSI660 Small Business Management

Part 2: Managerial and leadership skills evaluation

Based on the results of your Indigo report, please make a ~3-minute video recording, responding to the following:

  1. Identify and analyze the components from your Indigo report that are pertinent and important for managerial and leadership skills. Describe your managerial and leadership skills as indicated by the report and how you plan to apply those in your future small business.
  2. If you have completed an Indigo Assessment in HRMT 622, then reflect on your MBA journey by comparing your current results with the results from HRMT 622. Comment on whether your Drivers/Interests have changed and if you’ve acquired new soft skills.

If you haven’t completed an Indigo Assessment in the past, explain what your Indigo report means to you and how the report can guide you in your future endeavors as a small business owner.

  1. We will have a Q&A session during the online learning hours in week 2. Details on the Q&A session will be communicated in class. APA.