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March 12, 2024

BADM 430 Final Exam

BADM 430 Final Exam


(a two-sentence description the negotiator’s character or image that you and your team perceive to be or want to create, considering the sector and the chosen sub-sector.

Sector – Human Rights

From the following sub-sectors, which one would fit the persona that you and your team would like to create? Choose only one.

Sub-Sector – Hunger and Starvation; Tyranny, Oppression, and Injustice; Racial Discrimination; Unequal Employment Opportunities; Unequal Access to Educational Opportunities


Given the sector and the sub-sector that the team has chosen, formulate a problem/issue that is closely related to the chosen sub-sector.

BADM 430 Final Exam

BADM 430 Final Exam

Such problem/issue should be narrowed down for clarity and specificity.

The team’s resources, time and number of individuals who will do the work, should also be considered.


Perceived Negotiator (Persona)

What should be the characteristics of this negotiator?

Personality and character

Beliefs and value system

Mentors and influencers and relevant learnings

What should be the negotiation strategies (maximum of three) will he or she use to negotiate and resolve the problem successfully?

Be specific and describe each strategy clearly and give an example for each strategy.

BADM 430 Final Exam

Real Negotiator

Research among the world class negotiators and choose one who will fit (or similar) to the persona that you have created.

Describe clearly and briefly the negotiator’s professional background, accomplishments, and the specific negotiation (should be one of the sub-sectors that you and your team have chosen) that this person has successfully accomplished.

Describe clearly the negotiation process and the specific negotiation strategies used by this negotiator that resulted into a successful negotiation (as mentioned in Item a.)


Comparison and Contrast

What are the commonalities and differences between the persona that you and your team have created and the real negotiator?

Focus on the negotiators’ accomplishments and the negotiation strategies used when comparing and contrasting.

How can you and your team narrow the gap between these commonalities and differences so when faced with a similar situation, you can all negotiate successfully?

BADM 430 Final Exam

Lessons Learned

Considering that we all negotiate every day, be it informal and formal, what have you learned to become a successful negotiator?

Be specific and concrete. You can start with a general concept, then make each lesson concrete and specific by connecting such lessons with your own life and experiences – struggles and successes.

Call to Action

These CTAs should respond directly and concretely to the Lessons Learned. Be specific and concrete.

What life’s goals do you want to achieve short-term and long-term?

What contributions do you want to make for a healthier and happier world?

BADM 430 Final Exam


A 15-minute presentation per team. Each team member should have a speaking part.

Start the presentation with an attention-getter (hook) and end with memorable statement (clincher).

The body of the presentation should be logically presented and should contain the six components.

Appropriate presentation visuals are required. These visuals (PowerPoint or Canva) should be submitted in Turnitin.

A minimum of three credible and peer-reviewed sources are required. Remember that In-text Citations and Referencing are intertwined (they are closely linked or connected).

The Team Accomplishment Report (see the template) will be completed by the team leader, describing the contribution of each team member.

Attached to this Accomplishment Report is the compilation of notes made by each team member. This Accomplishment Report will be submitted in the designated Assignment Portal. Use APA referencing style.