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October 5, 2023

Bachelor Arts Assignment

Bachelor Arts Assignment


Discuss digital literacy challenges you think you will most likely encounter with your adult learners now or in the future and explain how you will address those through your instructional activities and approaches. Explain which digital tools you might use to help with those digital literacy challenges.


Describe, in detail, your vision of the ideal early childhood care provider. Explain how this vision maximizes the development of positive traits in all four areas of development.


Identify an issue/challenge that is currently facing early childhood education.  Explain why it is a “hot topic.”


introduced the concept of arbitration. Consider and comment on the following questions:

  1. Recall the dispute that was the subject of your answer to the Week 3 discussion. Now suppose that instead of mediation, you have to arbitrate the same dispute. Would you prefer a binding or incentive arbitration structure? Does it depend on the nature of the dispute? Or the disputants? Explain your choice. Bachelor Arts Assignment.
  2. Based on your answer to #1, which type of award model would you prefer for your dispute? Would you allow the arbitrator to have unrestricted discretion? Would you instead prefer to set mutual limits on such awards? Or would you rather use a ‘final offer selection’-type strategy? Explain your answer.

Bachelor Arts Assignment


Please review this video,  Positional Power vs. Personal Power, and let’s get prepared to answer some questions.

  1. Answer the below questions based using Critical Analysis. For my views on Critical Thoughts and Analysis, please review: CTA.
  2. Then respond to at least two (2) of your peer’s answers by selecting the “Reply” link. How could they have handled the situation better? Do not simply say what you did and recommend they do the same. Be tactful (remember, they are your peers).

Week 1 Scenario:

Bachelor Arts Assignment. You are a new supervisor (you have been there 2 months) at a large organization that develops technology for the military. You have previous military service experience and just finished your Bachelor’s Degree in Management from APUS. You are doing well so far; your immediate boss is happy with the quotas being met and can see the changes in the behavior of some of the employees around you. However, there are three employees who work for you that are causing some issues. You must constantly remind them of due dates and their work is marginal. You decided to counsel each of them in private of course. During the counseling sessions, you found that all three employees say that you think you’re still in the military and expect too much too soon.  One said that you use positional power all the time, another said that they felt you are not receptive to their ideas on how to make the work environment more fun. The last one told you that should have stayed in the military since you like to order everyone around!

  1. How will you handle this situation?
  2. What is the difference between positional power and personal power? (in your own words)
  3. Give an example, from your personal life, of situations where you have used (or had used on you) both positional and personal power.

Future Leader Thoughts:

Chapter 1 of The Future Leader (Morgan, 2020) discusses the leadership gap and struggles of good leaders to develop their personnel. Please answer the following:

  1. In your current position (or a previous one) do you feel your leadership skills are being developed (or not)? What would you like to see more (or less) of?


What is police discretion? Provide a detailed discussion.

  1. Discuss and provide examples of internal & external controls of police discretio


discuss/debate with your classmates your position on which factors you feel play a greater role pertaining to the problems associated with defining and determining the frequency of white-collar crime,


Please discuss reasons for healthcare professional turnover and costs of turnover and strategies for increasing retention and preventing turnover.


  1. Define the following terms: “job burnout,” “job satisfaction,” “retention,” and “turnover.” Why are they of importance in managing healthcare professionals?
  2. Describe 3 strategies for addressing employee turnover. Which of these have you experienced personally? How was this strategy implemented?


There are mixed views on the impact of the Affordable Care Act on the U.S. Health Care System and access to affordable care for Americans. Bachelor Arts Assignment. Please share your thoughts and support all points with credible evidence. Use APA referencing style.


Question 1: Discuss rulemaking. Include the role of interest groups in rulemaking in your response.

Question 2: Discuss the link between agenda setting and the development of legislation.