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March 29, 2024

APN History & Beatitudes Paper

APN History & Beatitudes Paper

 You should familiarize yourself with all the resources included here before beginning to write your paper. A most important foundation for writing it is that you understand the terms (words) used in the Greek text of the New Testament, and do NOT rely on your understanding of these words in a modern, secular context.

  • The objective of this paper is to discuss your knowledge of the Beatitudes as written in the Bible in Matthew 5:1-16. Were these mandates displayed in the works of early advanced practice nurses?
  • The paper also should discuss how the Beatitudes would or should affect prospective APNs’ practice.

APN History & Beatitudes Paper

  • Please considerthe following order:
    • Paragraph 1: Introduction: Should be approximately 3 sentences and concludes with a statement like “The purpose of this paper is to ……”
    • Paragraph 2: Provide some background on the Beatitudes. Be sure to look at the Greek translations. The translation may provide a more deep meaning that other more secular works.
    • Paragraph 3: Provide some background on the history of APN practice. Feel free to use any resource you like, however, to describe important actions in the development of the APN Roles.
    • APN History & Beatitudes Paper
      • Paragraph 4: Analyze where in the history of APN were the Beatitudes demonstrated? Provide a few examples.
      • Paragraph 5: How do you plan to (or how should/could an APRN) demonstrate the mandates of the Beatitudes in practice?
      • Paragraph 6: Conclusion. Introduce no new ideas here.  Tie your thoughts together in a way that reinforces your thesis statement in the Introduction paragraph.
  • This paper should discuss how the work of early APNs in the history of the development of APN roles reflects Beatitudes in the Bible as given in Matthew 5:1-16.
  • The paper also should discuss how exploring these resemblances of virtue that were embedded in APN history and Beatitudes would or should affect prospective APNs’ practice.
  • See the rubric.
  • 7-10 pages excluding references, Follow APA format.  7th Edition style.

The faith integration focus on this course is the Beatitudes.  There are 8 Beatitudes found in The Sermon of the Mount.  I have provided additional resources for you to look at that may help you.