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April 25, 2024

Analysis Of Classroom Environment

Analysis Of Classroom Environment

For this assignment you will research best practices for promoting physical, social, cultural emotional, and intellectual factors to meet developmental needs for all students. You will find out and implement one new technological enriched learning to promote an environment that can enable learners to pursue their individual curiosities and become active participants in setting their own educational goals, managing their own learning, and assessing their own progress.

You will analyze two classroom environments one at the primary level and one at the upper elementary level. Determine what aspects of each environment foster individual motivation in terms of choice, interest, and access to print to read and write (ILA 5.1)

Explain how you will establish and maintain an atmosphere of trust, openness, and mutual respect in your classroom. Describe specific strategies you would use to encourage positive student verbal and non-verbal communication skills and positive student social interactions.

Analysis Of Classroom Environment

Analysis Of Classroom Environment

Describe how you will create a culture for learning in your classroom. Describe specific strategies to use to encourage active engagement in learning literacy concepts, Student responsibility for their own learning, student commitment to the subject, and high expectations for achievement (ILA 5.3).

Describe best practices for classroom routines and procedures. Include specific procedures used to promote student responsibility, routines, and transitions Smooth operation of the classroom.

Explain and describe the efficient use of time (e.g., organizing and managing groups of students, distribution and collection of materials, use of student helpers, transition between activities, etc.)

How is seating determined; alphabetical, discipline, or group discussions?  How would you guide students in the upkeep of the room and learning materials?

Design a simple sketch of the arrangement of the physical space of your classroom to make learning accessible to all students. Consider the traffic patterns in the classroom, easy access to all areas of the classroom, the organization of instructional materials.

Further, create an annotated bibliographies of top ten quality books about different cultural and ethnic groups, bilingual books, and easy books for reluctant readers, books with characters with disabilities, and so forth to facilitate choice and interest of all students. Use the librarian in your school or university to help you in your search for culturally responsive books.

Analysis Of Classroom Environment


After analyzing the literate classroom organization, procedures, and management etc. reflect on the nature of the school and classroom as a literacy community.  How does the classroom environment impact students’ literacy development? What is a language and literacy rich classroom? How can teachers effectively facilitate a discussion?  What about your own classroom, how is it set up to support literacy development?  What are on the walls what are you going to change or modify in your class after reading literature on literate environment?  Think about your own parents’ involvement in school life when you were young. What roles were parents expected to assume by the school? As teachers, how can you improve parent involvement? Further reflect on your own experiences as child with verbal and nonverbal classroom communication. How did the teachers respond to your cultural and linguistic differences? What four effective practices would you implement in your classroom and why?

Note the organization of your paper which should be written following APA format and should include the title page and reference page.  You will attach all lesson plans, letters of recommendation any artifact as Appendix A. APA.