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May 8, 2024

AFRS322-01 African American Family

AFRS322-01 African American Family


To Do:

Watch a film or video, read an article or book, or explain (analyze) an event you attended. Pick just ONE item that has some relevancy to this class.

(Purely entertainment features or video games are NOT acceptable for this project.)

Your paper should be an explanation (analysis) not just a pure summary or not just your personal opinion.


3 full pages- Maximum possible- 30 points

No additional points for any additional pages.

  1. The item must have some relevancy to this class and/or to one of the issues we have discussed. (Course description below)
  2. The item does not have to be only about African Americans. It can be about another group with a similar issue to one discussed in class.

AFRS322-01 African American Family

AFRS322-01 African American Family

  1. You will use one of the issues we have talked about in class as the “lens” through which you will explain the film, video, article/book or relevant event.
  2. The explanation (analysis) should not be too broad or vague. Fewer points if you do.
  3. The extra credit paper cannot just be a summary. Fewer points if you do.
  4. Provide one appropriate verifiable outside quote to back up your explanation. (No ChatGPT/AI,  blogs, social media, Wikipedia, Medium, Vice, other video(s), class textbook(s) or purely opinion blogs/pages from a single author can be used.)
  5. Provide a citation page at the end (using one of these academic formats: APA, Chicago or MLA). It is not part of your page count. Include a citation that indicates where you got the item from that you analyzed.
  6. Formatting, paragraphs and grammar should be similar to those for the research paper.

AFRS322-01 African American Family

Course Description:

Course summarizes structural evaluation and role formation of the family.  Presents an overview of the traditional African family and socialization process.  Focuses on the impact of slavery and post-slavery institutions on the formation of the Black family in America.   This course investigates the major forces that influence the development and well-being of African American families. The impact of institutional, educational and social environments will be analyzed.  It is also necessary to understand both unconscious and deliberate practices that influence African American family structures. Discussions of racism, sexism, community, and African centered communal values are central to this course. APA.

This course is concerned with:

  1. Historical aspects concerning families of African descent
  2. Socialization – How families of African descent are affected by sociocultural phenomena
  3. Sociopolitical and economic realities-Contemporary issues affecting families of African descent
  4. Identity formation and alternative family structures- Development of families of African descent, including alternative types of family structures and participants