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April 30, 2024

Abortion Discussion Forum

Abortion Discussion Forum

Complete your required discussion prompt:

Abortion is one of the most difficult and controversial moral issues we will consider. Listen to both sides, even if it is difficult to do. Both sides have important moral insights, even if ultimately these insights are outweighed by the insights of the other side. The goal of this discussion is not to convince you to accept one position over the other, but to help you to understand both sides. As you consider this difficult issue, it is important to distinguish two questions: Is abortion morally wrong? Should abortion be legal? while answering the prompts below.

Abortion Discussion Forum


  1. The Fetus vs. The Woman: Balancing Rights and Bodily Autonomy

At the core of the abortion debate lies the question of rights. Does a fetus have the right to life from conception? Does a woman have the right to bodily autonomy?

From a Social Contract Theory perspective, how can we balance the potential rights of the fetus with the established rights of a woman over her own body?

Analyze this issue through the lens of Rawls Justice Theory. How does socioeconomic background impact access to safe and legal abortion, and how can we promote justice in this area?

How might Care Ethics inform the abortion debate? Consider the potential impact of restricted access to abortion on women’s health, equality, and social mobility.

Abortion Discussion Forum

  1. The Sanctity of Life vs. Quality of Life

The decision to have an abortion can be influenced by factors like potential health risks to the mother or severe fetal abnormalities.

How would a Act Utilitarian approach weigh the potential benefits and burdens of continuing a pregnancy in these situations?

From a Kantian Deontological perspective, is the act of abortion ever morally permissible? If so, under what circumstances?

How do considerations of a woman’s mental and emotional well-being factor into the ethical equation according to Virtue Ethics?

Abortion Discussion Forum

  1. The Role of Law and Morality

The legality of abortion varies greatly across the world and can be a source of significant ethical debate.

  • How might Rawl’s Justice Theory be applied to ensure fair and equitable access to safe abortion services?

Can laws ever be truly moral according to Kantian Deontology? When might a conflict arise between the law and one’s moral compass regarding abortion?

Consider the potential impact of legal restrictions on abortion through the lens of Care Ethics.

Remember: Clearly state the ethical theory you are applying in your responses. Engage with your classmates’ ideas and respectfully explore different viewpoints. APA.